How do you manage your time?


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Kiply is an activity-monitoring tool to let you find out in detail what you're investing your time in. This way, you can improve your productivity and follow up on all your pending tasks.

With this tool, you can automatically log your activity on all the devices linked to your account. This way, you'll know how much time you spend doing which things, or on which devices, so you're aware of everything you do, as well as when and where. Not only does it let you measure your activity, it also features the possibility to create projects with deadlines to meet your goals and tasks to let you create a good workflow, allowing you to be more efficient and reach your goals in the most comfortable way possible.

Additionally, Kiply will be your personal trainer. You can get custom tips according to your performance and activity, and improve yourself through games that help you better understand the app's tips. Set a couple of goals and start working on them to get better every day. Thanks to this tool, your daily routine will be simpler and more fun. Work more and better by measuring your results, because 'what can't be measured can't be improved'.
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